Ech'lun Fighter/Champion


Hair/Eyes: Black and dark brown
Height/Weight: 5’-11", 140lbs.
Features: Almond eyes, harshly-cropped hair that tends to stand on its own, long-limbed. Voice probably has a discernable accent in Common. Speaks Dwarven enough to understand and be understood, but sometimes makes comical translation mistakes. Most prominent are three broad red slashes tatooed into her face, denoting the three claws of the Skyhawk clan. She has several scars throughout her body.
Attire: Half plate armor, two dao (slightly curved) swords carried at her hips. Also packs three slender javelins and a pair of throwing axes (tomahawks). When out of armor, she’ll wear a mish-mash of native weavings and “found” items from her , with often bizarre results (she just doesn’t care!). Included will be bone and teeth trophies that in quieter times, she’ll carve small symbols on to detail the circumstances of the kill.


Jaya is a young Ech’lun warrior, perhaps better known for her brawn than her brains. Born and bred in the Skyhawk Clan in northern Tyria, her clan migrated seasonally between the Chilliwind Plains and sparse wooded hills south of the Thundersnow Foothills. Her home band weren’t a bad lot, as Ech’lun go, not as bloodthirsty as some nor as stoic as others. Their main claim to fame is twofold — trainers and handlers of the magnificent black-winged hawks (from which the Skyhawk Clan get their name), and their tradition of tall tales. As some clans excel in pottery or cloud-reading, the Skyhawks tradition of storytelling has reached an art form. Weaving a good story is revered and peppering the plot with half-truths and grandiose fiction is expected. Woe betide the clansman who crosses the line between a tale well spun and blundering collection of poorly constructed lies. They would most likely end up with horse dung thrown in their direction and good-natured jokes made at their expense.

Jaya spent her early teen years picking horse dung from her hair.

What she lacked in the family tradition, she more than made up for in physical and martial prowess. The Skyhawks frequently clashed with Valari for territory, and the occasional bands of slavers from the south, and she was counted by the seasoned warriors as an excellent prospect. Wielding a pair of dao swords she calls her ‘silver hands’, Jaya spins the dao with deadly efficiency and zeal through any battle — though her elders tended to cluck their tongues at her tendency to rush headlong into danger regardless of the consequences.
As some of the young in her clan tended to do, wanderlust bit Jaya early. After tales from visiting Dwarf traders speaking of glory and adventure in the south, she decided to strike out on her own for a time. Her plan is always to return to her beloved clan once she attains personal honor and status by ranging into the unknowns of other cultures. She occasionally hires out as a mercenary or security, especially for vulnerable small villages or farms, for though she may be a braggart and unflinchingly proud, she’s also compassionate for those weaker than herself.


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