You have studied the secrets of alchemy and are an expert in its practice, gaining the following benefits:

  • Increase your Intelligence score by 1, to a maximum of 20.
  • You gain proficiency with alchemist’s supplies. If you are already proficient with them, you add double your proficiency bonus to checks you make with them.
  • As an action, you can identify one potion within 5 feet of you, as if you had tasted it. You must see the liquid for this benefit to work.
  • Over the course of any short rest, you can temporarily improve the potency of one potion of healing of any rarity. To use this benefit, you must have alchemist’s supplies with you, and the potion must be within reach. If the potion is drunk no more than 1 hour after the short rest ends, the creature drinking the potion can forgo the potion’s die roll and regains the maximum number of hit points that the potion can restore.

Crafting Potions
Crafting Potions requires Residuum(a combination of both mundane herbs and magical ingredients), an Alchemist's Kit, an open fire, and time.
The amount of residuum required depends on the strength/effects of the potion. See table below.
A potion can be crafted every 4 hours per Alchemist's Kit. For example, while an Alchemist has their kit, they may craft two potions every long rest. Or spend a full day crafting 6 potions.

Potion Table

Name Effect Price
Potion of Healing 2d4+2 Healing 50 Residuum
Potion of Greater Healing 4d4+4 Healing 250 Residuum
Potion of Superior Healing 8d4+8 Healing 1,500 Residuum
Potion of Supreme Healing 10d4+20 Healing 9,000 Residuum
Elixer of Health Cures most dieases and conditions. 1,500 Residuum
Potion of Invulnerability Resistance to all damage. 10,000 Residuum
Potion of Resistance Resistance to one elemental damage type. 200 Residuum
Potion of Vitality Removes any exhaustion, disease, poison. Regain maximum hit points from spending Hit Die for 24 hours. 2,000 Residuum
Potion of Hill Giant Strength Strength score becomes 21 for 1 hour. 500 Residuum
Potion of Frost Giant Strength Strength score becomes 25 for 1 hour. 2,000 Residuum
Potion of Fire Giant Strength Strength score becomes 27 for 1 hour. 8,000 Residuum
Potion of Cloud Giant Strength Strength score becomes 30 for 1 hour. 23,000 Residuum
Potion of Water Breathing Breathe underwater for 1 hour. 150 Residuum
Potion of Speed Gain Haste for 1 minute. 5,000 Residuum
Potion of Clairvoyance Gain Clairvoyance for duration specified by spell. 2,000 Residuum
Potion of Climbing Gain climb speed for 1 hour. 50 Residuum
Potion of Fire Breath Gain Fire Breath for 1 hour or until used 3 times. 200 Residuum
Potion of Flying Gain flying speed for 1 hour. 7,500 Residuum
Potion of Gaseous Form Gain gas form for 1 hour. 1,000 Residuum
Potion of Growth Become enlarged for 1d4 hours. 200 Residuum
Potion of Dimunition Become shrunken for 1d4 hours. 200 Residuum
Potion of Heroism Gain 10 temporary hit points for 1 hour. 350 Residuum
Potion of Invisibility Gain invisibility for 1 hour. 5,000 Residuum
Potion of Longevity Reduce age 1d6+6 years. 10,000 Residuum
Potion of Mind Reading Gain Detect Thoughts for duration specified by spell. 1,500 Residuum
Philter of Love Become charmed by first creature to see for 1 hour. 150 Residuum
Oil of Sharpness Weapon gains +1 to Attack and +5 to Damage for 1 hour. 10,000 Residuum
Oil of Etherealness Gain Etherealness for 1 hour. 2,000 Residuum
Oil of Slipperiness Gain Freedom of Movement for 8 hours or spill to produce equivalent of Grease spell. 250 Residuum


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