Stress and Echoes

DM's note, these are the mechanics for stress as referenced in the Storm Isles campaign. Sources of stress and their effects can and likely will be different for other settings.


Stress increases the longer the party remains in the dungeon, experiencing it's horrors, and being exposed to the psychic drone of the Sliver hive.
Stress increases from 0 – 100 before a party member has their resolve tested. A percentile die is rolled, 70%+ results in a Valorous result, 69% and below results in a mental affliction. Virtues and Afflictions end upon exiting the dungeon and resting for an amount of time.

Long resting:

  • 1 – 25; DC 8 Con save to long rest. Echo on failure.
  • 26 – 50; DC 10 Con save to long rest. Echo on failure.
  • 51 – 75; DC 12 Con save to long rest. Echo on failure.
  • 76 – 99; DC 14 Con save to long rest. Echo on failure.

If an adventurer loops back around to 200 stress, they become catatonic.


  • Courageous(1) – Reduce own stress to 50, Halves the stress gain of the entire party; In combat, cannot be frightened or charmed.
  • Stalwart(2) – Reduce stress to 0, improves chances of virtue of others to 50%+; In Combat, can have undying resilience once per day.
  • Tenacious(3) – Reduce stress to 50, advantage on Strength and Dexterity saves; In Combat – Gain 5 temp HP for defeating an enemy, does not stack.
  • Wise(4) – Reduce stress to 50, advantage on Wisdom and Charisma saves; Once per combat, grant an ally advantage for one roll, free action.



  • Paranoid(1) – Can be flanked by allies, DC 16 Wis save when long-resting or take additional stress damage.
  • Psychotic(2) – DC 15 Wisdom Save or lash out when being healed, Failing save during an Echo doubles stress gain for all.
  • Traumatized(3) – DC 12 Wisdom Save or become Frightened, DC 16 Wis save when long-resting or gain a level of exhaustion.
  • Sadistic(4) – DC 15 Wisdom save, when wounded, lash out at closest ally. Gain 5 temp HP for doing so, does not stack.

3d6 Stress from an Echo event.
6d6 Stress from Sliver Brutes/Monarchs/Queens

1-4 A drawn-out scream issues from a distant chamber.
5-8 The click of a door being locked reverberates down a nearby corridor.
9-12 The roar of a dragon shakes the dungeon.
13-16 The sound of a crackling fire is audible.
17-20 A single heavy thud is heard on the opposite side of a nearby wall.
21-24 The party's own voices reverberate through the chamber – in a language none of them speak. This effect persists as long as the party remain in the chamber.
25-28 Chanting can be heard in a nearby chamber. The voices are deep, dishamonious, and numerous.
29-32 An expletive in Common echoes from a nearby corridor. It is cut short by the sound of a crossbow being discharged.
33-36 Sobbing can be heard from somewhere nearby.
37-40 The characteristic discordant wheezing of a wight echoes from a chamber the crusaders recently left.
41-44 The faint sounds of footsteps and a heartbeat can be heard just a few feet away from the crusaders.
45-48 A sharp cry pierces the air, follow by what sounds like a splatter of meat being spilled upon the floor.
49-52 Glass shatters in the distance.
53-56 A lone creature chants to itself in an atonal whisper from a nearby chamber.
57-60 The meaty splash and the wail of a freed soul can be heard on the other side of a closed door.
61-64 An inhuman creatures cries out in agony from somewhere in the distance. Seconds later, the sound of a hissing acid echoes from that same location.
65-68 A distant laugh degenerates into a sob, the sound growing deeper and more disharmonious with each passing second.
69-72 A monster can be heard eating another creature in a nearby corridor.
73-76 A swaying noose groans from beyond the next corner or door.
77-80 A metallic groan rings through the dungeon, as if a mountain's worth of stone were pressing against a single beam.
81-84 The sound of a secret door opening then quickly closing reverberates from a nearby chamber.
85-88 The party's collective voices echo as they discuss their next course of action. For a moment, an unfamiliar voice is audible in the mix.
89-92 A heavy iron door swings shut in the distance.
93-96 There is chittering in the walls.
97-100 Rattling chains and incoherent murmuring draw closer and closer to the party before fading.

Stress and Echoes

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