Table Rules

Things to know about this game:

It is 5E, with a few houserules that are made available(mostly adding/reflavoring content- very little is outright removed(mostly races)), and is set in a homebrew world that has a long-running timeline beyond the scope of this single campaign.

The game won't have a defined mix of Combat/Intrigue, but it will try to be as balanced as the Campaign circumstances permit. It is also driven by the players- obviously, if you solve everything with combat, you'll see a lot of combat rather than roleplay interactions.

Character death is no small matter, and resurrection isn't always going to work. Bastion is a cruel world.

All alignments are allowed. However, your character is expected to be cooperative with other party members; Outright thieving, attacking, casting on other party members or general harassment("but that's what my character would do!") will not be tolerated and will get you banned from the table.

If there is a conflict between the rules, the DM will handle it in-game and any appeals can be settled out of game to what everyone thinks is most fair, so that games are not bogged down in rules discussion.

If you have a conflict with another player, it should not be brought up in the middle of the game. After the game is a good time to message the DM and the player to have a chat before things wrap up for the session. This is very important. We're all adults and we're all mature, let's act like it.

I take my game seriously, and I expect any players at my table to do the same. Bring 110% to the game, every time. If you sit back and don't say anything for 3/4 of the session, you need to have an excuse as to why.

If you can't make it, get sick, have to drop because something came up, just make sure to let me know, preferably 24 hours before game time. I'll do the same in return, it's just good for everyone's schedule.

Game scheduling is done via Obsidian Portal, please make sure to RSVP.

Table Rules

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